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Jin Amamiya
雨宮 仁
Jin 1
“…Come. Let’s continue our lesson, my princess.”
Age N/A
Height 181 cm
Weight 69 kg
Birthday June 21st
Birthplace Hokkaido
Zodiac Gemini
Blood Type O
Likes travelling, cocktails, cooking, reptiles
Dislikes spiders, natto, okra
Seiyū Yuuki Ono

Character ProfileEdit

A dancer who participated in the New York Broadway. When he left, he studied under the tutelage of Kyoya Asahina's father and returned to Japan upon hearing the news of his death. He also joined the company during this time. He is the senior of Kyoya Asahina and Sousei Tachibana and supports everyone from behind the scenes. He is in charge of the choreography in the company.




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